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We're looking for volunteers and staff on location, overseeing, or willing to travel.


Do you have strengths in planning, organizing tasks, and following through? Does the idea of "steering a ship" spark excitement in you? When you look at a project can you clarify goals and help others work together to ensure success? We need people like you on our team!


Do you feel a burden of compassion for people in transition - those without steady accommodations and unmet needs? Does hosting, or meeting the basic needs of others excite you? Are you blessed with the ability or know-how to line up housing, procure the basic needs of food and transportation of others? We need people like you on our team!


Are you adventure-seeking, nomadic, independent, and eager to live boldly? Does going into uncharted territories and unreached people groups excite you? Do you have the availability to pick up and move as you are drawn? We need people like you on our team!


Do you have a charismatic nature and enjoy building connections? Does meeting new people and forming a network of influence excite you? If you have gifts in social shaping, graphic art, or bridging gaps of communities and peoples - we need people like you on our team!


Calling all the Bold, the Brave, and the Burning Ones. We're seeking the Ones eager to go into the hardest and darkest places to reach and save the lost. Are you ready? Will you go for the one? Apply Now to volunteer, or join staff!


I'm interested in volunteering or staffing, now what? Leave us your information and we'll be in touch!

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