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*Please Note: the information below is from our 2020 school. We are currently revising our school for 2021 and it may be significantly different from what you read below. We left this information here that you have an understanding of what the school may be like. 



Light & Life Church

DuBois, PA

Dates & Times: TBA

The Missions Core Course is a six month school, consisting of a three-month lecture phase, followed by three months of outreach. Class times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm with additional online materials, weekly one on one times, and more.


The classroom phase consists of twelve to thirteen weeks of lecture and training from experienced missionaries and ministers. Every four-week block has a general focus, and each week within the block has a target subject. The following outlines the targets and phases for the lecture phase.


Phase 1 General Focus is Identity, topics may include Father Heart of God, Holy Spirit,  Identity in Christ, Prayer and Intercession. Phase 2 General Focus is The Great Commission, topics may include Surrendering your Rights, Spiritual Warfare, Missions Overview, and Unreached People Groups. Phase 3 General Focus is Leadership, topics may include Public Speaking, Pioneering, Vision casting, and Spiritual Leadership.


Local Option

International Option

Outreach is a hands-on practical experience where students utilize what they have learned during the classroom phase of the school. Outreach opportunities are available based on student's preference, and ministry connections.  Outreaches are always changing, as is the case on the mission field, and each one is different. This means the Local Option is tailored to each student's ministry calling and availability. 

Our International Outreach Option will take place in one of the locations with which Found Ministries is connected. On outreach, students will have the opportunities to participate in a variety of ministries ranging from preaching in churches, street evangelism, and children's ministry, to jail and hospital ministry, and serving homeless, refugee, or displaced persons.


Payment Plans available: 

- 3 months

- 6 months

Lecture Phase Cost

Local Students: $1000 (that do not require housing)

Out of State Students: $2000 (that require housing)


This covers the entire three-month classroom phase of the school, books, teachers, and housing at a host home (for out of state students), and lunch. It does not cover dinner or transportation.

Outreach Phase Cost

Local Outreach: $100

International Outreach: $1,200 - $2,000 



Photo of self

Reference Forms

Physical Evaluation

Release Forms

Thank you for your interest in Found Ministries’ Missions Core Course.

To Apply, complete the following:

  1. Fill out the form below, or download the application, print, and turn it in (mail, fax, or in-person). Don’t forget to click submit when doing the online application.

  2. Email a picture of yourself to:

  3. Send the reference link to three references and ask them to fill it out for you. You can find the reference page HERE

  4. Download the Partnership Agreement forms and medical evaluation forms. Read carefully, and then sign the Partnership Agreement on the indicated lines. Then scan or take a clear (not blurry), well-lit photograph and email it to us at: Don’t forget to put your name in the email so it doesn’t get lost! Have a doctor fill out the physical examination form, send it the same way you sent the Partnership Agreements. You can download the forms HERE.  Note: If the images you send are not clear, they will not be accepted and we will ask you to retake the pictures. 

  5. Once these steps have been completed, we will process your application, pray over it, and get back to you!


Got Questions?

We'd love to assist you as you discover your calling in ministry and missions! If you have questions about our Missions Core Course, faith, finances, or the ministry, we got you covered!

Thanks for submitting!

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