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The Missions Core Course will be a high-intensity course with a large focus on surrendering your rights, serving others, and having a good attitude the whole time. God allowed the Israelites to die in the desert because of their bad attitudes and complaining. Almost always, the difference between success and failure on the mission field is attitude. Are you able to face the academic challenges of this school, as well as the physically demanding outreach where you will be tired, not have the foods you want, be uncomfortable, be in frustrating circumstances, and face major cultural differences, with a smile? In the Missions Core Course, attitude can be the defining factor in whether or not students graduate.

To Apply, complete the following:

  1. Fill out the form below, or download the application, print, and turn it in (mail, fax, or in-person). Don’t forget to click submit when doing the online application.

  2. Email a picture of yourself to

  3. Send the reference link to three references and ask them to fill it out for you. You can find the reference page HERE

  4. Download the Partnership Agreement forms and medical evaluation forms. Read carefully, and then sign the Partnership Agreement on the indicated lines. Then scan or take a clear (not blurry), well-lit photograph and email it to us at Don’t forget to put your name in the email so it doesn’t get lost! Have a doctor fill out the physical examination form, send it the same way you sent the Partnership Agreements. You can download the forms HERE.  Or click the button below. Note: If the images you send are not clear, they will not be accepted and we will ask you to retake the pictures. 

  5. Once these steps have been completed, we will process your application, pray over it, and get back to you!

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